Pathmatics provides brands with competitor marketing intelligence. Discover how competitors advertise on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, TikTok, OTT, display, video, and other placements.

Anstrex will help increase the profitability of investments by revealing competitors' marketing strategies. It offers the creation of successful native campaigns, dominance in push notification advertising, success in large-scale pop advertising, and finding popular products for dropshipping.

IxSpy is a free service that allows you to track statistics of popular accounts, obtain data on user interests in TikTok, and receive recommendations for your own promotion. The platform shows average viewing time, number of subscriptions, and other unavailable data.

Pipiads will help you uncover the best viral products on TikTok. The service identifies trending items and provides insights into the target audience, enabling you to craft effective advertising campaigns. Sit back, let the traffic flow, and enjoy high conversion rates.

BigSpy offers top-notch "spy" tools for 9 platforms: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and more. The service gathers data from competitors' ads and suggests an effective campaign that will sell your product. The platform has been rated by 520K users, 95% of whom were satisfied.

Ads Library is a built-in Facebook tool that allows you to select GEO, ad categories, and get detailed information, including the headline of the ad campaign, the spent budget, and the number of impressions. This data helps avoid mistakes when promoting your own product.

PowerAdspy — where artificial intelligence works for you. Analyze competitors' ads like a pro. The service supports all popular platforms and helps you gain a cutting-edge advantage in your niche. There's a demo mode to discover the platform's positive aspects.

Adspy is the world's largest database of Facebook and Instagram ads. The service saves time on testing advertising campaigns, helps avoid mistakes, reveals new marketing tools, analyzes the target audience, and allows for effective promotion of your own product.

Adheart: A service that allows you to quickly find advertising creatives used by your competitors. The SPY service has a database of over 1 billion creatives in any niche, with advanced functionality. Users have access to various filters for searching by keywords, links, countries, platforms, or 20+ other parameters.

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