Peerclick is software designed for tracking, analyzing, optimizing, and scaling advertising campaigns in real-time. The tracker offers over 30 parameters to assess traffic quality, protection against bots, fast redirects, an API, a pixel for direct tracking, and all the necessary functionality for collaborative work.

FunnelFlux offers both server-side and cloud-based tracking options. It features a visual funnel builder, API, pre-configured templates for traffic source integration, and the ability to track traffic without cookies and redirection.

ThriveTracker is both a tracker and TDS (Traffic Distribution System) simultaneously. Its features include split testing, traffic filtering for bots, funnel support, and domain management. Additionally, you can add the tracker's LP pixel to your landing page to direct traffic directly to that page.

iMobiTrax has the capability to filter, block, redirect, and cloak traffic in real-time, as well as collect email addresses, phone numbers, postal codes, tokens, and creatives. It allows for configuring, rotating, and split-testing CPA offers.

LinkTrust allows you to accurately and easily manage, track, and attribute marketing campaigns worldwide. In addition to core tasks, the functionality includes: API, ad rotator, A/B testing, mobile tracking, and automation.

BeMob is a tracker with automatic server scaling: traffic won't be lost, and statistics are updated every second. It features an API, team access, stream settings, bot blocking, automation of routine tasks, cookieless tracking, and traffic redirection.

ZeusTrack — a tracker and cloaker with advanced filters. Through it, you can create white pages and servers with unique IPs in a few clicks, as well as change landing pages simultaneously across all campaigns. Suitable for teamwork and tracking traffic within WebView applications.

RedTrack collects all important data on traffic performance and conversion attribution in real-time. Through it, you can easily redirect traffic to landers with better performance and automate any tasks, thanks to RedTrack API integration with over 20 advertising platforms.

Here's the expert-level translation into American English: Voluum allows tracking traffic across 30 metrics in real-time. It also redirects audiences to the best-converting landing/offers and creates comprehensive reports. The tracker includes bot protection, ensuring that all invalid traffic is blocked.

Keitaro is a cloud-based tracker that can distribute traffic according to specified conditions, protect it from bots, generate click reports per second, and pass it to connected advertising networks. It offers team collaboration, allowing each member to have equal access rights.

Binom is a CPA tracker capable of handling massive traffic volumes and generating reports in just seconds. It features a system of paths and rules based on 20+ metrics, smart rotation to redirect users to offers they haven't seen yet, and click throwing from campaign to campaign.

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