Trustee Plus: crypto wallet with a bank card for affiliate marketers and daily payments

In September, we told you about a convenient Crypto card that can be used for day-to-day online and offline payments. Since then, the app has been actively updated and has added interesting features for media buying teams, IT companies, and any business that uses crypto.

Today, we will talk about useful features that will be useful for companies and solo media buyers: bulk payments, bank transfers in EUR, cash withdrawals from ATMs with NFC, and linking the card to Facebook Ads.

Mass transfers of crypto and fiat

Trustee Plusis a mobile application that allows you to use crypto as fiat in offline stores and pay for any purchases online. Trustee helps you forget about P2P, exchanges, and all the problems associated with it.

The application also allows you to make mass payments to employees without a commission using the transfer function for a specified list of people.

How bulk transfers work:

  1. Hold the Transfer button on the home screen

2. Upload a template.

3. Fill in the details based on the example. You can specify any available coins or fiat and add a comment.

4. If a team member does not have the app installed, he or she will receive an SMS notification about the transaction and will have funds on the account after the installation.

Payment for advertising and withdrawals

Bulk transfers will simplify the work of the financial manager, and team members will not need to exchange crypto for fiat or vice versa to pay for purchases. It takes little time to fill out the template, and the absence of additional costs is a nice bonus.

Money transfers by list can be used not only to pay salaries to employees but also for any drawings or promotions. All you need is the mobile phone numbers of the participants.

When affiliates hear about the possibility of issuing a new card, they immediately think of Facebook. The Trustee card is a EUR card from a Polish bank, so it can be used to pay for FB Ads.

The main feature of the card is the debiting of crypto during fiat transactions. There is no need to keep euros on the account, as the funds are automatically converted during the withdrawal. If something happens to the advertising account, you can reissue the card and continue to generate traffic.

If you had euro cards in blocked accounts, you can withdraw money with a 3.5% commission by direct transfer to your own euro account in the app. Then convert them to crypto and link them to the Trustee Plus card.

Recently, Trustee Plus has added the ability to withdraw cash from ATMs with NFC chips with a 1% + 1 euro fee. The app now covers all banking tasks: storage, transfers, and withdrawals. And all this in close cooperation with crypto.

Trustee is a must-have tool for solo media buyers, affiliate businesses, and other digital projects. If you use P2P all the time and want to get rid of the routine, install the app to use crypto as a fiat.

If you have a large number of crypto friends/affiliates who do not yet have a wallet, you can invite them to the app and receive 25% of all their commissions and 20% of the commissions of those they refer.

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